Attention: Guys suffering from man boobs... Are you tired of 'the looks'?  Your confidence takes a hit every time you take your shirt off?  Or like me... you just avoided taking your shirt off... at ALL cost?

"They Laughed When I Took My Shirt Off... But When I Discovered How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs..."

...Lose your chest fat, without being a 'fitness fanatic'... going under the knife or poppin' dangerous pills.


From the desk of Trey Jones:
Today is

Dear Friend,

    Let's face it:

Man boobs are humiliating... and flat-out embarrassing. I know.

I lived with them for 32 long years. A day didn't go by when someone didn't check out my puffy chest or snicker behind my back. I hated it!

Just walking across the street or being asked to go to the pool would wreck my day.

But not anymore! I wish I could tell you that it came easy... It wasn't...

Imagine Living without Man boobs

if someone would've said to picture my life without man boobs, I couldn't.  Sad but true. How do you picture a life without something you'd had your entire life? I'd learned to live with them... The hiding... the put-downs...

And I didn't have a site like this in 2004... Matter of fact- "man boobs" wasn't even a word... so as you can imagine, there was very little help...


I hit bottom when I realized my kids were suffering because of me.  No pool, no vacation... no beach.

So I went through 9 months of trials and testing... But finally I discovered the secrets.

Could I imagine 3 years later owning two businesses. NEVER. Could I imagine spending time now thinking more about my wife and kids and not being consumed with my chest? Nope.

Here's a little inside peek into my life: "I actually like being me now." Now, am I saying all the great things that have happened to me was due to losing my chest fat? No, but the timing was around that time... Mmmmm.

So, what brought you here?


Perhaps you've heard about the 'chest guru" and you came here out of curiosity. Or perhaps you're one of the guys I've helped on the discussion forums.

If you struggle with man boobs, then you can relate to some of the things I mentioned earlier, can't you?

How has it been for you?

Think back to your life... How has man boobs affected your life?

Perhaps you've fallen victim to the 'CRAP', and wasted hard-earned cash on products that weren't worth the digital space they take up on your PC. I've bought my share.

Perhaps you've simply become frustrated and wonder if it's REALLY possible to get rid of your man boobs... I'm here to tell you- it is.

Now it's time to discover the real secrets ...

My name's Trey Jones, and for about two years now, I've been THE go-to guy responsible for coaching dozens of guys in how to get rid of their man boobs... Guys from the USA, UK, Australia... and several other countries. Oh, and one other thing I may not have mentioned:

"I'm the #1 internet authority on fast and easy chest fat losing techniques and strategies even the laziest guy can use right now, in the comfort of his own home..."

 "I mean it is fabulous..."

Your research on this subject has left me speechless.

- Esteban from Texas

In fact, some guys call me the "Chest Guru" because of the chest fat I've helped them lose, and you may be able to get the same quick results, almost IMMEDIATELY.


After all, there's nothing more rewarding than finally...

"Fitting In... Without Sticking Out"


So, what's this all about?

Here's the deal: As I said, I dedicated myself to helping guys with man boobs just like yours. You'll be shocked at the real answers.

My easy methods won't work for everyone. It's showing results for about 97.4% of the guys...

Read my new FREE report, called

"Which of These Man Boobs Do You Have? And
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Quickly!"

(Value $17- Yours FREE)

You'll find out EXACTLY how to know which type of chest fat you have... and more importantly- how to lose it!

Bottom line: You CAN lose the chest fat and I'll show you how-

If you're reading this... and you have the fat on your chest, then I have tips, tricks and techniques that will help you, but I refuse to share my dirty laundry for the whole world to see... (I get copied enough as it is.)

So if you're just curious about this 'chest fat thing' and are not suffering from it then this is where you move on to the next site... Laugh at someone else.


If you have chest fat (or someone you love does), then this is exclusively for you...

"I have started the exercise program,
and I am already seeing results"

Just a quick note to say thanks for the encouraging e-mails, they do help keep me motivated !

I am now ready to get rid of as much flab on my chest and abdomen, as I can.

I have started the exercise program, and I am already seeing results.  The emotional aspects of the chest flab has been holding me back since being an overweight teenager. I know you can relate, I could tell that you had experienced much of the same thing.

Thanks for inspiring me along the way...

Richard in Asheville, NC


"You've given me the sense of direction
and confidence I was looking for..."


I just finished reading the e-book and I must say that I'm very impressed. I'm looking forward to getting started as I feel that you've given me the sense of direction and confidence I was looking for.

- Brad S., Bristol, UK.



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