Attention: You Do Not Have To Live With Your Chest Fat Any Longer...

"They Laughed When I Took My
Shirt Off... But When I Discovered
How To Get Rid Of My Man Boobs


In 5 Short Weeks...

I was so excited about finally wearing tank tops... I got a tattoo!



From: The Desk of Trey Jones:
Today is

Dear Friend,

Have you had ENOUGH?

Enough laughing, whispering, joking behind your back and sometimes to your face? Enough wearing two shirts... your chest never seeing daylight... slumped-over shoulders to hide them as much as you can? Haven't you had ENOUGH of this nonsense? If this is some kind of joke then it needs to END... and the sooner the better, right?

Now imagine it's one month from today, the day you first read this letter that could change your life forever...  You're at the pool-  spending time with your friends and family... Something's different:

THIS summer-- With your shirt off.

The ONLY thing growing now is your confidence and courage... and maybe your black book-

Now you're finally accepted and respected by your friends and family. NOW the chicks notice and pay attention to what you have to say... instead of staring at your chest... Now you're almost cocky...

Excited yet?

Well you know my story by now if you've searched this subject at all... My name's Trey Jones. Yeah, the 'Chest Guru'... like that's a title I wanted... Before I dedicated myself to helping guys lose their chest fat, I was a cop and investigator for 11 years...  and I had a BIG PROBLEM!

DAMN man boobs!

I had lived with man boobs for the first 32 years of my life... 32 years is a long time...

Remember when you were in high school- how could I forget my school days.

I REFUSED to take my shirt off and was completely embarrassed about the way I looked. I was shy around girls as well as the rest of the guys in the gym, and spent a lot of long days hiding behind baggy clothes, unconfident and insecure about my flabby chest.

I stayed depressed a lot of the time... and couldn't figure out why.

"All My Life I Suffered With Chest Fat..."

They were definitely noticeable in my shirts.  When I was growing up, I was a little overweight so that's what I chalked it up to... "One day I'll sprout like a weed and they'll go away", I said.

Even after growing up and going out for the SWAT Team- guess what was still there?

I  missed out on a lot of fun because I wouldn't take off my shirt... Pool parties I avoided like the plague.  'Spend-the-night parties' I made darn sure I was too busy for. The bigger guys in the my high school class always poking fun at me and putting me down, and it did a number on my self-esteem and confidence.

You know about being so self-conscious, don't you?

Have you faced the feeling yet of being with a girl the first time and she views only your chest and not you as a person? I sure did. (IF I ever got the courage to talk to her.)

Always pulling on the front of my shirt or wearing two shirts...  I got so good at those stupid excuses:  "I'm keeping my shirt on... because I'm sunburned..."

 Before I forget...

"Does The SIZE Of Your Man Boobs
REALLY Matter To Your Girl?"

It did to my wife but she only told me AFTER I lost them...

The final straw was about 3 years ago when my kids got older. They started asking the hard questions. (No, not the sex ones.) The pool ones.

"Can we go to the pool, Daddy?" I bet I said no a hundred times. I soon realized... (with the nudging of my wife) I was losing valuable 'quality' time. Time I couldn't get back.

And if I didn't do something soon, I was going to have a lot of 'daddy regrets' to mop up.

I was absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired of being so preoccupied with my man boobs... You know you've got a problem when you think about your chest more than your wife's...

...and decided that I could no longer live this kind of life. I started thinking really deeply about how badly I wanted to become... well... for lack of a better word... normal.

I just wanted to fit in.

Life had to be better than the way I was living it. I imagined the difference it would make... just with my wife!  I know they say that men are the only ones that are visual... but I NOW KNOW from talking with my wife- It wasn't the biggest turn-on in the world.

This was it, I was really going to do this. I had made the decision and there was no turning back. I was going to prove everyone wrong and show them exactly what I was made of.

I was MORE than these damn man boobs.

Little did I know the intense frustration I was about to face...

Endless Hours Of Painstaking Research &
Trial And Error Experimentation.

I went on the hunt for what was out there that would help me... I opened my internet browser and began literally devouring every single piece of information I could possibly get my hands on. I bought courses and ebooks online. 

How could I possibly know who to listen to? 

Well, the simple answer is that I didn't. There was far too much conflicting information out there, and the ONLY way for me to find out what worked would be to take all of the different methods that I had come across and put them to use myself... I tested them all.

I was the human guinea pig. Desperate to achieve the flat chest that I wanted so badly, I took all of the different techniques I had read about in my countless hours of research and started implementing them on a daily basis. 

I tried absolutely everything. I was SOO frustrated because I wasn't getting the results THEY promised... frustrated they'd wasted my money, time, and hope on something that didn't work...

All those diets I went on- starving myself to death- only to see ZERO change in my chest. I got to the point where I really WISHED I could believe them but refused to get burned again. I had had it up to HERE!... and didn't know what to do


After All Of My Research And Hands-On Experience,
I Made Some Shocking Discoveries...

it all came together when I was on vacation with my wife in the mountains...

We're checking out the local library because we didn't have the kids and just wanted to lie around and read... I was looking through the ancient books (small town) when this aged book caught my eye. It was not impressive on the outside to say the least. Paperback and quite worn out. I'd never heard of it but I sat down and started reading... I couldn't put it down...

It was so obvious... but no one was talking about it.  If these methods worked... it would put a whole lot of 'expensive exercise equipment' and 'miracle pills' out of business... It made sense NOW. Muscle magazines, owned by the large supplemental companies, didn't want me to hear about this. (I wouldn't buy their supplements any longer.)

Long story short. IT WORKED... and worked FAST. Without the gut-wrenching diets... without becoming a bodybuilder and without using a handful of drugs.

Before right side                           After right side                                Before left side                              After left side

Did you notice my tattoo? It was the first time in my life that I felt comfortable wearing tank tops... and I got excited and went a little overboard.

I'm a little embarrassed because as you can see, I won't be in Men's Health anytime soon. And GQ is not calling me up. But I'm ok with that. That was never my goal. For the first time in my life- I'm fitting in... and I love it.

I Got Results FAST – And You Can Do It Too…
Literally The Same Month!

Using the basic insider methods I’m going to show you, I was able to eliminate my man boobs literally in weeks! Man boobs that I had carried for 32 long and miserable years. Using the advanced methods, I was able to eliminate my pot belly too... I finally found the 6 pack. It was there all along. Who knew?

But more important than that-- I go to the pool... the beach... and finally get in the water with my kids and be the dad I dreamed of being!

I was so excited about the results I got, that I dedicated myself to helping guys achieve the same thing, and I have. In short, EVEN if you have very little time to devote to yourself, I can show you how to quickly eliminate your chest fat using simple methods and a special plan I’m including in the Get This Off My Chest NOW system.

Oddly enough, the principles that comprise this system produce the most stunning results even in sedentary guys – from deskbound professionals stuck at their desks or computers all day, to yes, even couch potatoes. When you get the system, you'll fully understand why.

The system does something that no other system can do for you... GET RESULTS... without gut-wrenching diets... without spending hours at the gym... and without taking dangerous pills.

Don't take my word for it... Listen to exactly how well the system worked for Fred, who by the way only started using it one week ago.

"Your program is solid and I am beginning
to see results during the first week."

Hey Trey,

I came to you with a problem-----one that I hadn't been able to discuss with anyone before.

When my young grandson informed me that it was funny the way "my boobs bounced when I laughed", I knew the time for delay was over. Simply wearing a shirt all the time wasn't gonna make the problem go away. Your program is solid and I am beginning to see results during the first week.

I also want to thank you for treating me like a man, instead of just another open wallet or credit card.

I know you must be extremely busy; but the time you spent explaining the program to me never felt rushed. In fact, just the opposite was relaxed that I was comfortable asking all the questions that have been bugging me for so long.

My wife is thrilled with the new "physical and mental me".

Just wanted to say "thanks, and thanks again".

Fred Hoffman
Woodruff, SC 29388


Or listen to Richard who started LESS than ONE week ago...


"I have started the exercise program,
and I am already seeing results"

Just a quick note to say thanks for the encouraging e-mails, they do help keep me motivated !

I am now ready to get rid of as much flab on my chest and abdomen, as I can.

I have started the exercise program, and I am already seeing results.  The emotional aspects of the chest flab has been holding me back since being an over-weight teenager. I know you can relate, I could tell that you had experienced much of the same thing.

Thanks for inspiring me along the way...

Richard in Asheville, NC


"From approx. 15% bodyfat down to 9.8%"

My name is Lee and I'm a subscriber to your newsletter and I've purchased your system. I found it very useful and informative.

I followed your diet and eating plan, combined with a very intense workout plan, and have noticed great results in my overall physique. I went from approx. 15% body fat down to 9.8% in about 7 months. I even have a well defined "four pack"!

Please keep up the great work, and please know that you made a positive impact in many guys, physically and mentally with your honesty and research.


Lee, Costa Mesa, CA.


You know I've got to tell you what my wife thought... since that was the person I was doing it for- well, second person...


"I Got Myself a New Husband... "

After 13 years of marriage I got myself a new husband!

Trey told me he was going to get rid of his man boobs but I didn't believe it was possible... But, incredibly in five short weeks he did just that... He now thinks more about my chest... than his own.

After all this time I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have a CONFIDENT man in my bed every night, if you know what I mean... ;-)

-Sherrie Jones


I Spent Over $968.15 In Books, Videos & Consulting Fees — So You Wouldn't Have To

Let's face it: You've probably already spent a lot of money trying to get rid of your man boobs... including books and magazines, maybe workout videos or even gym memberships. And that doesn't even begin to account for special foods or other expenses.

But the sad thing is most guys aren't willing to pay a fraction of that to get the system that works. And if that's you, it's Not Your Fault!

I spent $968.15 in books, videos and consulting fees to know what the experts know. Below is a list of all the training information I purchased to transform, my ugly chest fat into a chest I'm proud of.

  • 13 Books, or manuals - Totaling $194.35 (that's before sales tax)

  • 4 Fitness Videos $39.95 each -Totaling $159.80

  • 2 Short Gym Memberships - Totaling $79.00

  • 1 One On One Training With A Personal Fitness Coach ($40 per half hour)

And because I had a few other 'esteem issues' I had to work through, I had to pay $175.00 for a 4 hour consultation with counselors... but we won't get into that...

But think about what it is going to cost you if you aren't willing to fork out up to $968.15 to fix your chest problems. You will probably come back to this website a few months from now and realize that you still possess the chest that you hate.

Plus, you're going to feel like a moron, for dumping all that money into a bottomless pit.. Wouldn't you rather dump money into a proven system that you know works?

I am happy to announce, that you no longer have any excuses because ...

I have made available an A to Z, Step-by-Step system at a fraction of what it would have cost you to learn what it takes to be the owner of a flat and normal chest.

 "I mean it is fabulous..."

Your research on this subject has left me speechless.

- Esteban from Texas

To be candid, there is truly no other system on the internet that shows you exactly how to tackle and solve the really tough challenges of losing your chest fat... once and for all.






"BEFORE Expensive Surgery... Give this breakthrough 100% natural system a try- It works for you or it's FREE! In fact, just by watching and reading from the privacy of your computer, you'll know exactly how to lose your chest fat in weeks — even if you've already tried everything else and failed miserably."     


"Nothing Less Than Outstanding... "

"Trey, your system is nothing less than outstanding.

You've literally taken the best science and mixed in your own experience to create the most powerful system for losing chest fat that I've come across.

In your system, not only do you demonstrate your expertise for losing chest fat in the shortest time possible, but you have the research to back it up.

-Corey Little
ISSA Certified Level II Fitness Trainer
Jr. Olympic Gold Medalist


 "I'm down 3 pounds and have a
target goal of 5 pounds this week..."

The system is Great. I like the way you take out all of the Bull "Verbal Diarrhea" and get straight to the point. The foundational information is great as it tells you to be consistent but don't be afraid to switch up over the first couple weeks to see what works for you.

At this point I am down 3 pounds and have a target goal of 5 pounds this week.

I am a global thinker and this has allowed me to come down to ground level and work inch by inch. This is great. Check back in a couple of months to see the NEW me..."

Thanks for your support!

- Greg H. Charlotte N.C.


"My 'beefy tits' are smaller and my
confidence is through the roof..."


Thanks for the "Get This Off My Chest". I must say I've been working out and I'm seeing some definition and tone in my chest muscles... I started your system... especially the eating and I see a difference in just three days.

My clothes are looser and I fill up almost immediately. My "beefy tits" are smaller and my confidence is through the roof. I don't know how much I will lose but I'm considering a before and after picture to send you.

I'm also a diabetic and the eating plan works better than any diet I've been on before in terms of burning fat and I feel great.

Thanks Trey, I will keep you posted on my progress.

- Don Rousell, Acworth, GA.



In summary here’s what you get...

As I mentioned above, I spent a lot of money to get the "Right" answers when it comes to losing chest fat. But it only made sense to bundle all of my knowledge into a much more affordable package.


Get This Off My Chest Now Instant Downloadable

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It guides you through how to get rid of your man boob problems, and solve them with step-by-step 'Getting-Started' guidelines, and advice. Also contains detailed descriptions of "The Top 5 exercises" as well as much more...

This ebook takes you by the hand and walks you through how to get rid of your man boobs quickly and easily. It is your complete, step-by-step tour guide to creating the chest you long for... one that attracts attention... the kind of attention you want to attract!

Here's a small sample of what you'll find in the ebook:

  • Discover how you’re devouring secret ‘growth hormones’ that actually increase the size of your man boobs with every mouthful of food you eat (Warning, eating these will soon have you looking like you went for breast implants… You must cut them out of your diet right NOW…)

  • It’s not your fault that you are a little overweight, but you need to understand what it is that makes you that way; otherwise your man boobs will stick with you like an unwelcome companion… forever.

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  • Your self-confidence will know no bounds. Especially when you get stares from people who hardly paid attention to you before... or worse... laughed at you...

 Bottom Line: If You Want To
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  • You’ll have the keys to the castle… All the secret tactics that enabled me to effortlessly lose 15 lbs of stubborn chest fat in 5 short weeks are yours in an instant.

  • The secrets of A, B, C exposed....
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         (B) Aerobic Exercise, or

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  • The simple easy to follow path that leads to the perfect chest... When you follow this your ego and self-confidence will gain such a boost they’ll thank you for life…

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Think about it...

With this 'so-simple-you'll-be-delighted' ebook, you'll cure your problems for good. The best part is that you'll have it as soon as you order, because you can download it right onto your computer safely and easily.

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Now, I assure you, every testimonial, is completely un-edited, and totally genuine. But this jerk pissed me off so much that I realized the one way I could make him eat his words was to start collecting testimonials from my customers. And flaunt them in his face.

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What I mean by this is that anytime something changes, people respond, it's just the way it is. So, when you drop the chest fat, people are going to come up to you and ask you about it.

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This will happen for two reasons. Because you're going to get more social approval (maybe it isn't right, but that's the way it is). But more importantly, you're going to feel confidence because you've accomplished something impressive, and you'll say to yourself:

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"80% of success is merely showing up" - Woody Allen

What can you do when your man boobs are gone? Plenty! Just imagine...

The freedom to play with your kids... OR

Hang out with your friends... anywhere... AND

Finally enjoy being YOU...

"Okay Trey, I'm Convinced.
What Do I Do Now?"

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Update as of  : I added this to the extra bonuses for the first 23 19 men... After hearing a common thread in many of the emails I get, I realized I wasn't the only one who struggled with this... and it held me back for years... Maybe you don't- then give it away...

You enter a room and you're greeted with a sea of unfamiliar faces. Suddenly your heart beats faster, your hands become sweaty and you have this feeling like you want to run for cover.

If that sounds like you then you are probably experiencing symptoms of shyness. Being shy isn’t necessarily a debilitating disease, but it can affect you personally as well as professionally. (Even after I changed my chest- I had to work on the inside)

Everyone has experienced shyness at one time or another.  However, when it becomes chronic behavior it can certainly affect your success in life.  Shyness does not discriminate.  Shyness can plague anyone from young children to full grown adults.  It can cause many debilitating effects, such as feelings of fear or apprehension, increased stress and anxiety, even harmful physical symptoms.

Learn skills to help overcome shyness.

And, learning how to deal with shyness is what “Coming Out Of Your Shell - Overcoming Shyness” is all about.

Here’s a list of just a few of the helpful things you'll find inside: 

        What Is Shyness

        Are Certain People Born To Be Shy

        Viewing Childhood Shyness

        A Shy Child Becomes School Age

        How To Overcome Shyness In The Classroom

        How to Develop Life Skills to Fight Shyness

        How Does Family Influence Shyness

        How The Shy Person Can Make Friends

        Shyness and Anxiety

        Are Shy People Lonelier

        Shyness and Low Self Esteem

        How Social Expectations Affect Shy People

        How Shyness Can Lead to Stress and Anxiety

        What Foods Contribute to Stress

        Is Medication an Option

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